A Sure Path to Excellence:
Evaluating and Developing.

Assessment Center

We pay close attention to each detail

How well can your candidate prioritize when he is under pressure? How does he behave vis-à-vis customers and employees in conflict situations?

In our assessment centers, we subject the candidates to real working conditions, observing and assessing how they behave in situations critical to success. This enables us to compile a differentiated picture of individual candidates’ competencies and the areas in which they need to develop further.

Why our assessment centers stand out from the rest: Every candidate first goes through our online analysis of potential, which provides information about how pronounced the competencies, motives and capabilities considered key to success are in that person.

What we offer you: Individualized concept development, moderation and implementation of individual or group assessments.

Development Center

We work together to advance your development

Where do your candidates’ future areas of development lie? What career options exist?

The Assessment Center is used to assess the competencies of your candidates, the Development Center takes things one step further: We use it not only to detect development potential, but also to work with it.

All candidates first go through our online analysis of potential. This provides not only an additional evaluation of how pronounced the competencies critical to success are in your candidates, but also information on those candidates’ current behavior, future potential and long-term motivators.

In the Development Center, candidates are observed performing various exercises (including case studies, role plays, presentations). A key aspect of the Development Center is that candidates receive direct feedback after each exercise and then, in the next exercise, have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. The Development Center can therefore be used to create needs-specific development plans with a view to drawing up individual career road maps.

Management Audits

We move your management-level staff forward

What potential lies in your management-level staff? Who is best suited to the task of managing the company’s restructuring strategy?

Management-level staff play a key role in a company’s success and development. That’s why it is important that the people who assume management positions have the right type of leadership mindset. In our management audits, we apply personnel diagnostic methods to analyze the personality structure of top management members. This enables you to identify talents and high-performers and to then promote them via targeted measures.

We design the audit process based on your individual requirements. Your managers first undergo an analysis of potential, then take part in a one-to-one interview. We use selected exercises to test specific leadership skills. After assessing the audit results, we send you a corresponding report detailing your management staff’s strengths and the areas in which they need development.

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