A Sure Path to Excellence:
Evaluating and Developing.

With our assessment centers and audits, we support you in a multitude of areas: Whether in the selection of suitable specialists and managers, the identification of high potentials, or the valid and objective support of targeted personnel development for your employees.

We accompany you from the conception through the implementation to the differentiated and appreciative feedback – both in presence and virtually as well as in individual and group settings.

Our procedures are based on DIN 33430 for aptitude diagnostics and our consultants work with digital assessment software. This guarantees an efficient, data-secure, and sustainable assessment as well as an optimal candidate experience for your participants.

Assessment Center

We focus on every detail for you.

Assessment centers are a brilliant opportunity to experience people in different circumstances and tasks.

For participants, this is a valuable opportunity to receive objective feedback and thus learn more about their strengths and their “blind spots”.

How does a candidate behave towards customers and employees in a conflict situation? How well is the person able to prioritize and navigate complex issues? In the assessment center, we immerse the participants in real working conditions and observe and evaluate their behavior in success-critical situations. This enables us to provide a detailed and differentiated picture of the competencies and development areas of the individual candidates.

The unique feature of our assessment centers: Every candidate completes our online potential analysis in advance, providing information about the competencies, motives, and capabilities critical to success.

Our offer: individual conception, moderation, and implementation of individual or group assessments.

Development Center

We work together on your development.

Where are the future fields of development for your participants? What are the career options?

While assessment centers are designed to assess the competencies of your participants, our development centers go one step further: Not only do we uncover development potential, but we also work directly with it.

In our development center, participants are observed as they complete various exercises (including case studies, role plays, and presentations). The special feature is that candidates receive direct feedback after each exercise and can demonstrate their ability to implement the acquired knowledge in the next exercise. With the help of our development centers, demand-oriented development plans can thus be created to develop individual career roadmaps and sustainably retain talent in your company.

All participants complete our online potential analysis in advance, providing an additional assessment of success-critical competencies and capturing your participants’ current behavior, future potential, and long-term motivators.

Management Audits

We bring your leadership forward.

What is the potential of your managers? Who are the right people to implement the planned realignment in your company?

Managers have a decisive impact on the success and development of a company. For this reason, it is important to entrust these key positions to the right leadership personalities. In our management audits, we analyze the personality structure of top management. This enables you to reliably identify talents and high-performers at an early stage and to systematically promote them.

We design the audit process based on your individual requirements and objectives. Your leaders undergo a potential analysis and an individual interview. We use selected exercises to systematically test leadership competencies. After the evaluation of the audit, you will receive a detailed status report providing information on the strengths and development areas of your leaders as well as concrete recommendations for action.

360° feedback

A comprehensive perspective

We use the 360° feedback process to systematically evaluate a person’s competencies, strengths and behaviors from different perspectives. How do the relevant superiors, colleagues, customers, suppliers and other partners assess the person in question? How does that person assess himself? Using our special blend of methods based on scientific research, we provide detailed answers to these questions, identifying the person’s development potential in each of the areas relevant to the position in question. We summarize the results in a clearly worded report, which also provides concrete development approaches and leadership recommendations.

360° feedback is an especially effective tool when it comes to improving leadership skills, enhancing team performance and implementing specific measure by which to develop individual company employees.

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