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About Us

For over 20 years, we have advised our clients on all aspects of personnel diagnostics. We not only assist them in terms of selecting employees and executives; we also focus on developing those employees’ personal and professional skills.

We see each individual as an expert in their own personality

In addition to classic methods, such as assessment centers and 360° feedback, we use our own specially-developed scan analysis of potential. This unique procedure is based on over 25 years of research conducted by Dr. Julius Kuhl, one of the world’s leading experts on personality. The procedure enables us to identify more than 120 personality traits.

We connect people and science

You won’t get any rigid standard solutions from us, rather customized products and services. The following four values serves as the foundation for our successful client relationships, and as the basis for all we do:

Our approach is

  1. HOLISTIC—our mindset and actions are based on a holistic perspective of human beings. When evaluating a person’s personality, we take into account all its facets as well as the corresponding contexts.
  2. RESOURCE- AND DEVELOPMENT-ORIENTED—we focus on the strengths and abilities of each person. We know that successful development is based on an awareness of one’s own strengths.
  3. APPRECIATIVE AND OPEN—we treat people with compassion, attentiveness and interest. We see people as experts in their own personalities.
  4. SCIENCE-BASED—our analyses are based on scientific findings and valid measuring instruments.

Our Team

Our team’s competencies are as diverse as the tasks you set us, enabling us to respond effectively to any individual needs. We are at your service, be it from our Hamburg or our Berlin offices.

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