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License as a scan consultant

Aptitude diagnostics and development of potential

Are you a consultant in search of a scientifically sound, highly differentiated diagnostic tool? Take our five-day course to become a licensed scan consultant—a qualification that will enable you to achieve the following goals as a consultant:

  • Expand your service portfolio through the addition of a sound diagnostic procedure.
  • Offer and implement competency analyses and analyses of potential that go far beyond other test methods in terms of depth, scope of the knowledge gained and conclusions.
  • Work with a procedure that is based on neuroscientific research and guarantees you a unique selling proposition on the market.

Are you responsible for recruitment decisions and are looking for a scientifically sound, highly differentiated diagnostic method? Then take our five-day course to get licensed as a scan consultant. This qualification will enable you to achieve the following personnel management goals:

  • Highly precise requirements profiles for job vacancies.
  • Robust and cost-effective decision-making across all aspects and phases of personnel recruitment and development.
  • An objective procedure by which to assess people’s strengths and areas of potential.

Please contact in case of additional questions.

Please contact for signing up for the licensing courses or in case of additional questions.

Licensing as a scan consultant Dates for 2023

Modul I (virtual):

19th & 20th April 2023

Modul II (virtual):

03rd & 05th May 2023

Modul I (virtual):

12th & 13th September2023

Modul II (virtual):

27th & 29th September 2023


13 April 2022 (virtual)
22 June 2022 (virtual)
07 September 2022 (virtual)
30 November 2022 (virtual)

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