Setting and Pursuing Goals: It All Begins in the Mind

Personality as a science

Based on over 25 years of research, renowned personality scientist Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl developed his own scientifically sound method for analyzing people’s potential. We are the only consulting company authorized to use this method in a business context. Our scan procedure enables us to record and differentiate between 120 personality traits. Through our regular scan licensing courses, we teach people how to use the scan procedure and train them to become scan consultants.

Understanding how our brain controls our actions

How do we achieve our personal goals? How can we use our individual abilities as effectively as possible? And what motivates us? The answers to these questions can impact life paths, careers, even the success of entire companies. They cannot be arrived at through standardized approaches; rather, they lie hidden in the personality of each individual. This is where our scan procedure comes in: Before we develop people and teams, we analyze their personalities. After all, personality arises through the processing of information in the brain—a process illustrated by the Action Control Model:

Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl, the creator of the Action Control Model, succeeded in rendering visible the psychological processes and brain functions that give rise to individual personality characteristics. The two halves of the human brain process information in different ways. Processing takes place in four cognitive systems, which each have different tasks and functions:

  1. We formulate goals together with the managing director.
  2. The logician develops action plans on how to achieve those goals.
  3. The doer implements these plans.
  4. Together with the controller, we check the results.
Motives as a source of strength for actions

According to motivation research, we tend to seek out the types of situation that satisfy our conscious and unconscious desires. In the field of psychology, the goals and desires which drive us are described as motives. In accordance with our predominant desires, we pursue goals, interpret experiences, and seek out situations in line with our motives. How and when we act is determined by the way in which the three basic human motives manifest themselves in us. These are: power, achievement and relationships. Using targeted questions and associations, our scan procedures identify a person’s conscious and subconscious motives, making it possible to describe that person’s personality in an individual and resource-oriented manner.

Remaining effective, even when under stress and strain

To act with confidence even in stressful situations, you need to be able to retain control of yourself. This in turn requires you to regulate your own feelings and moods in order to deal flexibly and creatively with strain, difficulties and other stress factors. The competencies that we can activate when under stress include gaining an overview, working in a structured and planned manner, showing initiative and dealing with failure sustainably. Through our scan procedures, we can analyze how pronounced a person’s ability is to actively make decisions and act when under stress.

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