You Have the Potential,
We Have the Analysis.


The concise approach to competency analysis

A 30-minute online procedure

The ideal online tool by which to conduct an initial analysis of a person’s leadership and sales skills, and capacity for agile work. The scan evaluates the degree to which your candidates possess the competencies key to success, and analyzes their strengths and the areas in which they need development.

scan provides an objective and valid basis on which to make personnel decisions.

Competencies and potential at a glance

60- to 90-minute online procedure

The procedure, in addition to conducting the same key competency assessment as the scan procedure, provides you with insights into your candidates’ conscious and subconscious motives. This in turn provides you with additional information about the motivational sources and long-term potential of your applicants or employees. provides a comprehensive, valid foundation on which to base personnel decisions.


The complex analysis of potential—when the why is more important than the how

A 90- to 150-minute online procedure

Our scan.advanced method enables us to perform a detailed, holistic, resource-oriented diagnosis of a person’s conscious and subconscious motives Why does a person behave in this way and not in that? This method renders behavioral preferences, capacity for self-control when under stress and other factors visible.

scan.advanced provides you with a complex, psychologically valid foundation on which to base your hiring and personnel development decisions.


Your strengths and areas for development in a book

A 150- to 180-minute online procedure

scan.premium provides the most comprehensive basis for targeted personnel development measures It begins with an appraisal conducted together with one of our specially trained scan diagnostics specialists. You then go through the analysis of potential online. Our experts evaluate the information to identify internal sources of motivation, behavioral preferences, personal strengths, and areas in need of development. We summarize the results for you in a high-quality bound book.

scan.premium is our most comprehensive, most customizable tool for supporting your individual development


Your company-specific analysis of potential

We assess each company individually and can tailor each scan to your specific needs. Here, we program an analysis of competencies or potential according to your specific requirements. We can also store your individual benchmarks and corporate design if you so wish.

company.scan enables you to tailor each scan procedure according to your company’s individual requirements and benchmarks.

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