Elevating expertise together – targeted competence development

The objective

Developmental consulting zeroes in on those aspects of an employee’s scan personality diagnostics which, when addressed, allow them to unlock their full potential. Our services focus on developing your employees’ competencies.


Working in close cooperation with your employees in a confidential environment, our specially trained consultants help create tailored solutions to individual concerns. Our services revolve around a select number of impactful sessions that empower coachees to leverage the newfound insights and actionable choices offered.


Our developmental consulting services focus on the following key topics, depending on individual needs:


  • Formulating personal goals and visions
  • MORE

  • Managing stress levels
  • MORE

  • Persuading with confidence
  • MORE

  • Resolving conflicts and overcoming the pursuit of harmony
  • MORE

  • Embracing core values, motives and potential
  • MORE

  • Turning intentions into action
  • MORE

  • Navigating relationships thoughtfully
  • MORE


Conduct a scan.advanced analysis of potential, which includes a meeting to discuss and reflect on the results
Goal clarification meeting with coachee and manager/HR to define development goals
Depending on the topic to be addressed, 3-4 coaching sessions are held anywhere from 2-4 weeks apart, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours
A closing discussion is held with the coachee and management/HR
At the end of the process, coachee receives a written report with suggestions for development
Follow-up session (2 hours) approx. 6 months after coaching has been completed

All sessions can be conducted in presence or online

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