Learning Through Practice

360° feedback

A comprehensive perspective

We use the 360° feedback process to systematically evaluate a person’s competencies, strengths and behaviors from different perspectives. How do the relevant superiors, colleagues, customers, suppliers and other partners assess the person in question? How does that person assess himself? Using our special blend of methods based on scientific research, we provide detailed answers to these questions, identifying the person’s development potential in each of the areas relevant to the position in question. We summarize the results in a clearly worded report, which also provides concrete development approaches and leadership recommendations.

360° feedback is an especially effective tool when it comes to improving leadership skills, enhancing team performance and implementing specific measure by which to develop individual company employees.

Employee Surveys

Listening to employees and involving them more

If your organization is looking to change its strategic or cultural direction or if its workforce seems unsettled or unmotivated, then an employee survey can prove highly effective, rendering the company climate transparent and promoting greater employee satisfaction.

We tailor employee surveys to your specific situation. We can also use standardized questions in order to compare your company’s competency and value system with those of the sector. Individual and group interviews serve to provide an even clearer impression of prevailing opinions within the company and to reveal where critical behaviors have become established.

Our detailed survey report will enable you to gain a better understanding of the situation. We can also offer concrete solutions and individual training offers.

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